Let me tell you a little about Josh,

Josh is a film and photography student stuck in worldwide travel mode. Josh travels when he can to places most tourists are attracted to, and find new paths to show that location in a new way. Josh is a content creator on multiple platforms, well.. he's going to be. Josh is starting up his YouTube channel again soon. His content on all platforms generally consists of landscape photography and action sports or travel videos along with his client's video (if permitted).



Josh has been a film and photography student his entire life. When he was 6 years old his parents owned a Sony Handycam Vision Hi8 330x (CCDTRV46) and it was the love of his life; as long as it was in his hands, he was happy. This grew Josh's love for film, the ability to capture life in a single frame, 24 times per second, was amazing in his eyes. Back then there was something called film, most people don't know what that is anymore! You would record to a strip of film or tape not an SD card or SSD. It was nearly impossible to play back footage because you had to hold down the rewind button until you got to the start of your clip, then you could press play.

When Josh was around 11 years old he got his first Point and Shoot camera. This was the camera that introduced Josh into the digital world, a world with both film and photography, a world where he could start editing on the computer. The first program Josh ever used was Windows Movie Maker 5, yes Movie Maker. No one likes Movie Maker, but he dealt with it. He moved to Premiere Pro in 2011 because he became more comfortable and satisfied with his abilities as an editor.

In 2013 Josh got his first DSLR (Nikon D80) changing his perspective on film and finally allowing me to take better quality photo's and video. In 2015 he obtained the Nikon D5100, the camera that he currently use's along side a D7100 for his videos.

Recently Josh has been taking film and photography more seriously, dedicating time and money to better his content. It's normally hard for Josh to start something new, but since he has been doing film and photography his entire life; he won't turn back now!