The photoshoot (Wedding Video)

For some timeline context, this was the second last wedding I filmed to date. This video is just a small section of the entire video, this is because I cannot use the full video under my current contract.

The creative side of this video is what I mainly want to talk about. Throughout this year I have been able to grow my creativity in a way I couldn’t before. The prototype projects and design challenges helped a lot, they allowed me to create something from scratch and collaborate with others. This improved my creativity skills a lot of which I applied to my videography.

In the beginning of the semester, Alex told us to only send professionally formatted emails. As little of a thing this was at the time, it has grown into an important part of my business. For practise, I started sending emails to all my professors in a professional format and I quickly improved this skill. Because of this skill, I have been able to present myself in a more professional manner to my clients. This has gained me more clients then I had had before.


In my old video, the 6ix, most people told me I did not have a storyline. The video was cool, but it didn’t make sense to most people. It was bland per say. When comparing these two videos, my shots were more visually appealing, well thought out, and more creative. This course, so far, has opened my creativity up a lot more, through projects, which has greatly improved my work outside of university. You can see this by watching both videos, there is a huge difference in the quality of video (not resolution, overall quality).

All that being said, I wouldn’t have got the wedding gig if I didn’t have a professional manner when talking to my clients. As said before, the emails and essays have made my emails/messages to clients better. The professional manner has greatly improved my chances of obtaining clients. Thank you, Alex!


My photography

The photos above are photos that I had taken previously and have re-evaluated. I look at my photography differently now, more critically. I have expanded my website and profiles to appeal to more viewers and to the demographics of my choice. I will explain in the comparison how I did such thing, and how I now look at my photos differently. Each photo was taken on my camera and edited in Adobe Lightroom based on my style (that I am still trying to find). Each photo has a similar edit, but has been edited to make the viewer attracted to the colours and content. I pay more attention to what the viewers want than to what now, I tailor my content to those who view it.


Similar to my videography, the creative skills that I havestrengthened this year have greatly impacted my photography. If you were to look at my Instagram profile, you would notice a change in the quality (again… not resolution) of my photos. Over time, during this year, I have expanded my creativity through my assignments, and I have learned technical/critical thinking skills. I never thought I would, but I have in fact applied these to my photographs. The above photos are photos that I have re-edited based on my new mindset. I look at my photos differently now, I look at it in a technical aspect and a creative one. Combining the two to take a photo that appeals to the specific viewers I want it to appeal to.


Sean is the only one.jpg

Photoshop progression

One thing you will notice while reading my reflection is that my creativity and critical thinking skills are the biggest improvements I have made. I have applied these same skills to my Photoshop projects. Above is a photo of my friend in China, his brother took this photo for him and sent it to me; the original photo is on the left. I took the photo from him and removed all of the tourists to make the photo less busy more visually appealing (photo on the right). When I went to edit the photo, the improvement in my critical thinking skills has allowed me to plan my edits before I start editing. I had gained the ability to for see how I was going to do things before I did them. This became important because it completely sped up my workflow and I was able to work much faster when I had the final product in my mind (rather than just blindly starting to edit). 


Throughout this half of the course, I have greatly improved my creative skills and critical thinking skills, but I would love to continue to grow them more. I plan to grow them for the next few years in this course, as well learn how to be more professional in the workplace. Similarly, I hope my final portfolio looks unique to my style, I want to be able to find my style and work with it. My portfolio currently looks very generic compared to others, I want to find my style that sets me apart from everyone else. I hope to grow my creativity to be able to discover new techniques and find myself as a content creator.

Overall, I believe my progression has geared toward the digital expression and digital scholarship side. With the use of different media and my improvements in critical thinking, digital expression and digital scholarship seem to match best with my improvements this term. In regard to my collaboration this year, especially Slack, there was not much of it. In the Axure project, no one talked on Slack except for Victoria and I. Slack was not a very good collaboration tool this year for me. I did not screenshot the chat because it was never used, I usually just texted the people I worked with.

Because this course improved my creative skills and technical skills, the two skills I need for my career, I absolutly loved this course. I dedicated the time to work on the projects because it was fun to do. Furthermore, I feel as though my essay was not very strong but all of my projects were. I would give myself between 85% and 87% in the course, reason being is because I need to improve my writing skills, which is a big part of the course, but I believe my projects and presentations were very well put together. I wish to improve my writing skills to obtain a better mark next term and for the next few years.